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Taming the Vampire

Release Date: October 31, 2016

Genre: Vampire Romance Anthology

Over 25 All New Paranormal Alpha Male Tales of Contemporary, Military, Shifters, Billionaires, Werewolves, Magic, Fae, Witches, Dragons, Demons & More

From sinfully sexy, charismatic bad boys with a thirst for more than blood, to toe-curling hotties with rough edges just waiting to be tamed, these vampire tales will burn the pages and melt your heart. Over 25 of today’s top selling authors have come together to form a collection that is filled with magic, mystery, mayhem and most importantly happily ever afters.

My contribution to the set is titled UNRAVELED BY BLOOD, a Sweetblood World novella.

Guardian Mateo Carrera hasn’t been home to Vancouver Island in years—not since the night he almost killed Selena Tosca, the woman he loved, when his dark nature couldn’t resist her sweet blood. But when he uncovers a deadly plot against her, he’ll risk everything to save her…even if it means losing himself.

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Featuring Tales from NYT, USA Today and National Bestselling Authors:

Mandy M. Roth – Midnight Echoes (ties to the Immortal Ops Series World)
Michelle M. Pillow – Tribes of the Vampire Novella
Jennifer Ashley – Immortals: Forbidden Taste
Charlene Hartnady – A Mate for Brynn: A Novella
Teresa Gabelman – The Enforcer
Celia Kyle – Love Bite
Kristen Painter – The Vampire’s True Love Trials (Nocturne Falls)
Colleen Gleason – Immortal Glamour (Gotham Hollywood Series)
Yasmine Galenorn – Blood Music (Bewitching Bedlam)
P. Jameson – Breaking the Skin
V. Vaughn – Hart Attack
Carmen Caine – Highlander Blood Moon
Marie Mason – Being Naughty With the Vampire
Mina Carter – Vampire’s Kiss
Deanna Chase – Bite of Betrayal (Billionaire Blood Bonds)
Emma Storm – Twice Bitten, Once Tamed
Patricia A. Rasey – Preacher (Sons of Sangue)
Alyssa Day – William’s Witch: A Cardinal Witches novella
Caridad Pineiro – Dare to Love: The Calling is Reborn Vampire Novels
Erin Kellison – Until Dawn: A Dragons of Bloodfire World Novella
Laurie London – Unraveled by Blood: A Sweetblood World Novella
Selene Charles – Fae Bridge Over Troubled Waters
Chloe Cole – Conquered (New England Nightwalkers)
Elle Thorne – Inescapable (Only After Dark)
Tasha Black – Nobody’s Home, A Tarker’s Hollow Tale
JC Andrijeski – Black Blood, A Quentin Black Mystery Story
Jaide Fox – Blood Fever (Shadowmere Legacies)
Tracey H. Kitts – Love me Hard (Tris Grima Series)


Pulling out one of his blades, Mateo Carrera separated from the shadows and strode toward the group of young vampires. The instant the youthlings saw him, they tried to scatter, but he was faster and more skilled at this than they were. Backing them into a corner, he blocked their only chance at escape.

He snapped his fingers and held out his hand, palm up. “Give me the Sweet.”

“What are you talking about?” one of the females said, red lips curled into a sneer. “We don’t have any.”

“Yeah,” a male said, echoing the same disdainful tone and taking a bold step forward. “We don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Mateo narrowed his eyes. “Cut the crap and hand it over. Three, two, one…”

“Fuck you. We—”

In an instant, Mateo had him in a headlock, blade pressed against the guy’s throat. God, they were so predictable. You’d think some of them would be a little more imaginative. “You going to try telling me those Darkbloods in the cemetery with you a few minutes ago were selling, what, lollipops?” No answer. “Give it to me or it’ll be your blood I’m spilling.”

“You wouldn’t dare.” One of the other males from the back of the pack, a tall, shifty-looking guy, stepped forward. “Do you know who my father is?”

“I don’t give two flying fucks who your father is.” Coming from a family of privilege himself, that excuse always rankled. “You’re using Sweet and the last time I checked, that’s a punishable offense.”

The male gave a haughty laugh. “You guys are all the same, you know that? Busting us for using when you’re just as addicted as we are. I know you’re not dumping this shit or taking it back to your little playhouse as evidence. As soon as we split, you’re going to be popping the rubber corks and downing the blood as fast as we were about to.”

Mateo tightened his grip on the guy’s friend. Sure, corruption in the Guardian ranks was prevalent here in New Orleans, but he played no part in it. He kept his head down and didn’t get involved in any of that shady shit.

Rules were there for a reason. It drove his partner crazy sometimes, but Mateo knew what happened when you pushed things past the breaking point. They broke.

He touched the tip of the blade to the youthling’s neck and drew blood. “I haven’t wasted a vampire in, oh, twelve hours now, so I’m itching for an excuse to charcoal you.”

“Give it to him, Jonas,” one of the females hissed to the rich guy. “It’s not worth it.”

“This is bullshit,” a shorter guy said, glancing warily at the lightening sky. “Just give it to him. I’ve got to get home.”

“No,” Jonas argued with his friends. “He’s just going to—”

The events that followed happened quickly. Someone must’ve reached into Jonas’s pocket, because shouts, cursing and a scuffle ensued. Several glass vials of the addictive blood went flying and shattered on the cobblestones. The youthlings, unable to control themselves, pounced.

With the scent of Sweet thick in the air, Mateo’s grip loosened momentarily. The young man he’d been holding immediately slipped from his grasp and joined his friends lapping at the blood-spattered cobblestones.

It took a moment for Mateo to process the scent—he hadn’t smelled it in a long, long time—but not because he was addicted to Sweet. As a Guardian, part of his training had involved becoming desensitized to it, and now he routinely busted those who were selling it.

No. That scent—that particular scent—was very familiar to him.

When Mateo made the connection, he staggered backward, feeling as if he’d been hit by a train. And then a white-hot rage surged through his veins, clouding all reason and logic.

On some level, he knew these kids had nothing to do with the collection of this blood or its source, they were just consumers, but he didn’t care. Fangs fully extended, he whipped out his silver blades, wielding them like extensions of his hands. Lunging, he intended to kill all of them. Spill their blood on the cobblestones.

But before his weapons struck flesh, strong arms gripped him from behind, nearly wrenching him off his feet.

“What the fuck!” he yelled, struggling to free himself.

“Easy there, big guy.” It was Zeph.

“Let go of me, man, or I’ll rip your head off.”

His partner ignored him, his grip vise-like around Mateo’s biceps. “Dude, they’re just mixed-up kids. They’re not the enemy.”

But Zeph didn’t understand. He couldn’t understand.

The blood Mateo smelled was hers.